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    Want to know what your legal options are or have multiple questions about your current case? Schedule an appointment with the lawyer(s) from the marketplace and find a solution. On AdviseHub we make lawyer consultation seamless by combining online and phone consultation.

    Both Phone and Online Consulation Options available. And both options compes with a case collaboration tools for follow-ups, document exchange and for other time critical needs. Schedule an appointment.
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Flat Fee Packages

    You are sure about the legal package you want. But have lots of questions on the process, cost and time line details? When you choose legal package, you can connect with trusted lawyers, who will answer your questions, disclose the cost upfornt and start your application process.

    Since you get mutiple quotes from lawyers, you can choose the lawyer(s) based on your needs based on complexity, pricing and urgency options. Use our planning and tracking tools to be in control of your company's case applications.
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